If I was a baby I’d be born because it’s officially been 9 months! Hooray for me!

June was a whirlwind of activity, featuring fantastic highs and unfortunate lows. New friends came to join our team and we held an english camp! It was an exhausting week, but incredibly fun to work with some incredible people and I loved seeing the kids grow in their english skills.

Korean Snow Floss is a thing and WE ARE HERE FOR IT
Reading books and loving life! 
Whatever they did I bet teamwork was involved! 

I got mystery hives that came and then went and then came back again during my vacation (bummer summer…). Maybe I’m allergic to my detergent? Maybe I was stressed? Maybe the pollen in the air decided to mess with my skin? Survey says – things like this just happen so take your Benedryl and have the best sleep of your life and get over it. Vacation was great though!


Oh hellooooo! Yes, do you have anything for a mystery allergic reaction? Oh, Earl Grey? Don’t mind if I dooooo. 
The last time I had Krispy Kreme I was at a solar eclipse I think so…I was pretty jazzed.

I got letters that were missing for three months and finally was able to respond to my grandmother (sorry Mommom), but thanks to modern technology I’ve been able to entertain my nieces and nephew, hopefully placing myself in the “Best Aunt from far away” category. (Currently unchallenged…but come August that’ll change…gotta get my points while I can!)


And while we’re talking about it, July 4th! Yes! There was red, white, and blue. There was hotdogs. AND there were indoor s’mores. Cheers to the first 4th of July I’ve had outside the US. There are some things that get sweeter from living overseas, and one of those is how much I appreciate America’s freedom. If you (like I did) take our freedom as American’s for granted, please pause for a moment to consider that many parts of the world do not understand or live in such freedom.

Betsy Ross was known to enjoy a good indoor s’more. 


Wait…am I in America?