At a Glance – Summer’s comin’

May has come and gone and so has 8 months! Yay for me! Look at how different and the complete same I look!


What’s been happening? How have you been?

Well let me tell you friend! I’ve been doing stuff and takin’ names! Here’s a snapshot of some fun things we’ve been up to!

May 2 – No! That’s not Chick-fil-A, those are some frozen chicken wings I heated up for a school study at our house! Cool right? Did I set that up? Oh Techno, Heck no. My roommates are the masterminds behind that beauty.


May (the) 4(th) (be with you) – Volleyball and cake baking. I was inspired by some friends to host a baking party at my house. We baked a classic Victoria Sponge Cake (#GBBO) and a box mix of brownies. We also played Volleyball…though it got pretty hot so…that didn’t last super long.

Volleyball in the heat. Find the shade. 
Two recipes. One Kitchen. 10 people. 
If you don’t take a picture of it, did you even do it? 


May 14 – Some friends from America came to help out at the school and I showed them our evening English class! And by “showed them” I mean I made them do most of the work! Great day for me! Learning!

Question and answers. Pay attention! 
Vocab charades! 

May 22 – It rained pretty hard. So I took a picture. I guess other stuff probably happened too. It’s rainy season baby!


May 25 – We were able to visit a nearby city and check out a finished park! A new statue had been erected, though it hadn’t been uncovered with a ceremony yet. Sad…so I modeled what I believe the statue will be doing and I think it’s pretty clear.


May 26- We went to a nearby temple to explore and hang out! My language teacher asked to get a picture with me on the see-saw. He kept trying to get me to lift my feet and prove that I was heavier than him. I don’t exactly know why he wanted “proof” of this but…anyway…#cultureStress


As far as the eye can see. 

May 30 – Our kiddos graduated! And I had a 48 hour flu! But I pulled it together and danced my little heart out and watched them dance their little Ducktales* off and it was a great day! Hooray for Summer!

This was my dance partner. She is a picture of health. I am a fake picture of health. 

May 31- In the afternoon we took our language translators that help in our evening english class to a fancy lunch. Here they are looking gorgeous! We love them!


Then that evening we wrapped up our class with our last fun Friday for the summer! We danced the Cha Cha slide, handed out awards, and made balloon towers!

Boys and girls often sit on separate sides of the room. We didn’t make them do this! 
Tallest balloon tower wins! 
Our beautiful class! (Or the ones that showed up anyway!) Love them! And while I’m grateful for a break, I’m going to miss them this summer! 

June 1 – We celebrated with one of our teachers who finished building her house. It was a service of thankfulness and prayer, and then finished with food and singing. I love having friends here because now I don’t have to sing alone!

ME NOT SINGING ALONE! (Not pictured, our guitar player) 

June 3- While doing a Visa run I saw some sprinkles and coconut ice cream at a night market stall. I think I stopped in my tracks and was like “I. Will. Buy. That.” and then felt like it was my birthday the rest of the day. And these weren’t the weird colored sprinkles either. They were the good colored ones.


Life is sweet. Annnnnd so is ice cream. Happy 8 months to me!