Newest Newer New Year

Ladies and Gentlemen. Today I would submit to you that NO country, that’s right- NOT A SINGLE COUNTRY can celebrate the New Year too many times. Perhaps you think that once would be enough, considering the calendar and what not- but I would challenge this belief and say to you- why celebrate once when you could celebrate two – NAY – three times in four months. (Thank you China, Western calendar, and SEA)


That’s right everybody. We have officially arrived at our 7th month. We passed this milestone gracefully and (just as every single person ever predicted) I have been taking far less pictures than when I first started. Ah well. Here’s an update anyway.

When you’ve already sang the song 5 times but your current class hasn’t heard it yet.

Also – just in case you were wondering what SEA’s favorite outfit was- this is it. I can’t go anywhere without people stopping me and asking where I teach, where I’m from, and how beeeaaautifuulll I am. 😍 What can I say. Teacher uniforms really bring out the beige paleness of my skin.

My trusty motor bike takes me and all my supplies back and forth to English on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. My roommates always tease me saying “Seng Chan! Where’s your pizza? You work at Pizza Hut?” I love it. “Get your Pizza! Pizza here! Cheap!”


Me and the rest of the entire world went and saw the new Avengers movie and since it was three hours we thought we’d spring the extra dollar to get the big popcorn. Yes. That is fake Pixar plagiarized on the side. I won’t tell if you won’t.

We’re getting ready for our graduation program and I am DYING at how cute they are.

I love fun Fridays. Every month we take a break from our regularly scheduled English lessons to play games, dance, and eat snacks with all the English students. It’s a TON of fun and a great time to get to know the students in a more relaxed way.

If these girls don’t look super jazzed it’s because I made them take like five of these until all of their faces were in the picture. THEY LOVE IT.

And then- of course- We have our water fight New Years celebrations. Just imagine getting “blessed” by tons of people as you drove around- water guns and hoses spraying, buckets of water flying. It’s bedlam, but bedlam can be pretty fun. Every time I left my house I took a change of clothes and usually would make it almost the whole way without getting too wet. Then some people would run in front of my bike, stop me, dump water down my back, while someone else rubbed baby powder on my face. Happy New Year blessings!


At the school we had a more traditional water blessing celebration in the morning and then a water fight in the afternoon. It was so cute! What a blast!

You probably can’t tell- but we managed to it fit 10 adults and two kids in my car. I drove around my friend’s family as they went to the temples around the city in their way celebrating the new year. It was a good cultural experience though I wasn’t totally prepared for the crowds or prepared to get a flat tire! Haha so glad we found the one shop that was open!



The days are long but the years are short. Didn’t I say that seven months ago as I boarded a plan? It feels far truer now than it did in those first months here. As the temperature skyrockets and we get closer to a new school semester I’m amazed at how swiftly the year is moving, and how much I want to do, and how insufficient I am to do anything on my own.

217 days.

What a short long time.