Note To Self

One of my favorite song writers, Ben Rector, wrote a song called Note To Self. It’s a great song where he’s singing about all important things in his life he doesn’t want to forget. Training just finished and I am overwhelmed at how many experiences I had, how many amazing people I met, and how much I want to remember. So I thought I’d write down a “note to self” to help me remember everything that’s happened so far, remind me of what I should do when I get overseas-and I thought you’d like to know how training ended up.

1-Time goes fast when you’re having fun. (And it also flies when you’re not.) Good or bad or in between my time in training is over. Now we enter the final weeks before heading overseas. I’ve learned everything I could and wrote down the rest to learn later (with the expectation that I still have tons and tons more to learn once I get there.) I wish I’d written a better log of my days, a better memory of conversations and feelings and observations. Time went fast. And it will only get faster.

2- Go Deeps with your Peeps. Six weeks doesn’t seem like very long because it’s actually not very long. So it may seem strange when I say that I’ve met the most incredible and wonderful friends that I hope to have for the rest of my life. There’s a lot of reasons for this, but I think the main reminder to me is to go deep! Ask the hard questions, be as courageous and as vulnerable as you can, and watch a relationship grow from that! There’s not enough time (see above) for you to waste it being afraid or being lazy!

3. Dance It Up. Don’t get me wrong. I have worked for the past few weeks. I wrote my lists. I called companies and sent emails. I took notes in every session we had and I completed my assignments on time. And when it was time to stop working I stopped working. I went out with people and danced and hung out and played games and laughed until my sides hurt and tears streamed. Life can be stressful. Be sure to enjoy it anyway. And you know what? (3.2) Take friends along with you for the ride.

There are other notes-but you probably already know them. “Call your Mom and Dad.” “Get Some Exercise” “Clean Your Room More”, but if you listened to Ben Rector’s song (and if you didn’t go back and listen. I’ll wait). You’ll hear other great reminders that apply.

There are so many parts of training I could talk about! Nervous beginnings. Long days and sleepless nights. Joyful friendships. Peaceful quiet conversations. Goodbyes at the bus. Hugs before getting in cars. But my favorite was meeting strangers who eventually became old friends.

By the end of September I’ll be in South East Asia! Let’s go!


Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!! I’m glad I get to celebrate Fall before I head off to the land of humidity!
Sometimes we work really hard to get a story to make sense. Sometimes you need sock puppets to do it.
I don’t think they have henna in South East Asia, but if they do I’m prepared!