Start Spreading the News….

Times Square with my trusty umbrella. Rain didn’t keep us from going anywhere!

I’m back from New York City! For our second week of training we all packed our bags (again) and headed to the Big Apple to practice entering into a new situation, with new people, and with new everything!

They said that we would be busy, but to be honest, I didn’t believe them. I’m an East Coast  girl. I’ve been to New York, like, twice, sooooo…I felt pretty confident that I wouldn’t be overwhelmed or anything.


Most of our days began at 7:30am with a trip to get some bagels and usually didn’t get back to our apartment until midnight (if not later). Subway rides, new cultures, meetings, debriefs, practicing conversations, on and on we went, almost nonstop. I can’t remember the last time that I learned that much, that fast.

And I loved it.

Sure it was challenging. I could have used more sleep. I wish I had been less grumpy. But even amidst my failings, I loved learning from my teammates. I loved doing things that were hard and surviving (funny how sometimes being anxious is way worse than the actual event you’re anxious for).

And it was fun! I liked running into new friends on the subway and having a conversation about their religion. I loved being in a huge city where everything is at your fingertips! Have you been to a public forum about genetic modification? How about Scottish dancing? Where else can you do both randomly in one week? New York City of course!

Where else can you find such beauty and diversity? Where else can you feel darkness and see palpable loneliness? The men and women we talked to were surprisingly honest about the needs they saw in their communities. They desire peace. Unity. Connection. Things that might seem accessible being surrounded by millions of people, but it’s difficult to find and hold on to.

“You seem different. Braver.” Such a simple statement said to a friend and I, one that was surprisingly encouraging. I wish I had had time to tell her why.

The Father knows. He was there before me and He’ll remain long after I’m gone. For now, I was just a piece of the puzzle in His plan.

A daughter among sons.



Packing to leave is an exciting thing if you have a new backpack!!!
Scottish dancing is a lot like skipping with lots of other people.